skylyro’s Top 5 Albums of 2013, so far

Sting_The Last Ship

So far, but I guess there is nothing relevant coming out these last days of December, I have defined my preferences for this year’s music albums: compared to other previous years it looked like a pretty fruitful one, with many bands publishing new albums, such as KOL, PJ, Turin Brakes and Artic Monkeys, and major comebacks like David Bowie and Sting. Overall, I’d call it a good year these days, but in the end, wanting to take it down to the 5 best albums of 2013, there was not much competition…

1. Sting – The Last Ship: a Masterpiece! If I were a musician, as a singer-songwriter especially, that is the album I would want to write… It has got everything in it: perfect arrangements, unique atmospheres, extraordinary poetry and lyrics, as well as an overall idea that make this musical-like concept album probably the best record I’ve heard in a decade! And I can’t stop listening to it…
YOUAREHERE_Primavera2. YOUAREHERE – Primavera: before the new Sting album came out, this was for sure the album I had listened to most this year. YAH have held what they had promised with their debut-album As When The Fall Leaves Trees, delivering a fresh sound and atmosphere, adding though some more rhythm and beats, making this EP a 30-minute dose of adrenalin! Bonus: you can find Primavera for free download and streaming around the web.
3. Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull: KOL confirm to be today’s rock’n’roll band No. 1! Great rock, excellent songs and once again they have managed to beat out their previous two works Only By The Night and Come Around Sundown, which we all had already believed to be their milestones… Thanks for this great piece of rock, guys!
Sound City: Real to Reel4- Sound City – Real to Reel: Dave Grohl’s baby is a great rock album, beyond being the OST of a great documentary film! I accidentally stumbled upon the lead single Mantra one day and was immediately overwhelmed by a great, powerful, instrumental rock song. Same happened to me when I had the chance to finally listen to the whole album: I think I had a similar feeling when I first listened to Mad Season’s Above, or the Temple Of The Dog album and it’s all about the SOUND
5. Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt: definitely not my favorite PJ album, but still… despite the excellent start with three great rock songs, which immediately reminded me of Vitalogy and the Avocado album, and the fresh Let the Records Play, to me there is nothing new to this record, on the contrary it pretty much sounds like already heard stuff from Backspacer, or Eddie Vedder solo-material. With that in mind, I am completely aware of the fact that this is still a good album and would probably be considered The Album for anybody else in today’s music industry. As a long-time Pearl Jam fan I am most probably spoiled by all of the great creative work they have delivered over their 20-year long career. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to getting into it a little more, since I got the vinyl LP for Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho and Happy 2014 to all of you!!

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